Indian Menu

Indian Menu
The Indian Menu

Menu Overview

We have a wide variety of Indian curry dishes to choose from. Each perfectly flavoured with great tasting herbs and spices, for that authentic touch. Choices include:

  • Tandoori Dishes
  • Balti Dishes
  • Kurma Dishes
  • Bhoona Dishes
  • Madras Dishes

Please see below for the full menu choices or call us on 01793 535642 or on our 24 hour contact number 07842 057133 for further information.


Lamb Samosa
Onion Bahjee
Pakora Chicken
Chicken, Prawn or Lamb Chat with Chapati
Mixed Kebab


Tandoori Dishes
Tandoori Chicken
Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Duck Tikka
Tandoori Curry Dishes
Tandoori Chicken Mussala on the bone
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Mussala
Duck Tikka Passanda
Pangash or Tilipia Fish
Balti Dishes
Chicken Tikka Balti
Balti Kyber Gohst (Lamb)
Balti Lamb or Chicken
Curry Dishes
Chicken/Lamb/Duck or Prawn Curry
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Curry
Kurma Dishes (Mild)
Chicken/Lamb or Prawn Kurma
Bhoona Dishes
Chicken/King Prawn Bhoona
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Bhoona
Madras Dishes
Chicken/Lamb/Chicken or Prawn Madras
Duck Madras
Vindaloo Dishes
Chicken/Lamb/King Prawn Vindaloo
Garlic Chilli Bhoona Chicken or Prawn (Hot)
Salmon in Madras Sauce (Hot)
Salmon in Butter Sauce (Mild)
Chicken or Lamb Sundorbon
Calypso Chicken or Lamb
Bombay Curry (Med to Hot)
Chicken/Prawn or Lamb

Vegetable Side Dishes:

Sag Paneer (Cheese)
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Mushroom Bhajee
Onion Bhajee


Peshwari/Garlic/ Plain and Keema Naan
Stuffed/Aloo/Egg and Plain Paratha
Plain and Mussalla Popadom


Choice of Pilau/Plain/Egg Fried/Mushroom/Onion and Chicken Fried Rice

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